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YHS/Yokota Related Films


BSA Troop 41 Scout Meeting Circa 1975
A Troop meeting at the scout huts on the eastside of the base. Several persons in this film: George Olds Sr., Ralph Lee, Mr. Quast, Bill Lee, Mark Lee, Robert Lee, John Allwein, Romero Fox, Brad Johnson, George Olds, Russell Olds, Steven Thomas, Charles Hunter, Derrick Elder, Tim Quast, Scott Bruce, Alan Kaiser, Bill Eastman and many more. If you see yourself in the film and you are not mentioned, send me an e-mail and I will add your name. Short film, about 8 minutes. Click Below to Download.

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Dallas 2004 Summer Reunion Presentation Film


1976 Yohi vs Yokota

Yokota Panthers vs. Yohi Red Devils at Yohi. This was the first game of the 1976 season. It was a close game which the Panthers won 24 - 22. About 6 minutes of play on this film. Uploaded in a larger frame for better view.


Johnson High School

Doucumentry film of Johnson High School. Filmed sometime in the late 60's or early 70's. Runtime is about 20 minutes.


"Panthers vs. Japanse All-Stars"
The last American High School football game played at Tachikawa Air Base before it closed August 31, 1977. The game was played June 1977. The YHS Panther team was made up mostly of JV players, a few graduating Seniors and Varsity players who would be returning stateside. They practiced as a team for only a few weeks to prepare for the game. The Panthers lost their second game since the school opened in 1973. The film last about 8 minutes. Click below to Download the game.

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"1975 Homecoming Game"
Panthers vs. Japanese All-Stars. Yokota wins, 48 - 0. This film is about 12 minutes. I can not begin to name the number of persons in this film. Click below to download game.

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Yokota vs Zama '76

Panthers vs Trojans at Camp Zama. Final score Yokota 26-12. About six minutes of film.




"No Closed Doors"
Documentry film of YHS made during 73-74 school year. Students participated as well as teachers in the filming. We were required to see the film at the beginning of the '74 school year. Click below to see the film, about 15 minutes long. The file is 59 mb, may take awhile to download depending on your connection. Believe me, it is worth the download time.
Reloaded as WMV file

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"475th Civil Engineers Picnic"
Yokota/Tachikawa CES Picnic at Yokota Air Base Circa 1975. Many parents of Yokota/Tachikwa students are in the film as well as several students of Yokota and Tachikawa. The head cook was "Bob Elder" (Kenny and Derricks dad). Several persons in the film: Dale Hayden, Glen Adkins, Charles Hunter, Mark Lee, Robert Lee, Derrick Elder, George Olds Sr., Ralph Lee, Phil Durbin and several others. Film is about 8 minutes in length.




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