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As some of you may already know, the Yokota High School Alumni Association (YHSAA) was formed back in the late 80's early 90's. Peggy Arp '80 started the alumni assn. and has been the President since its inception. In the early 90's her brother Timothy Arp '82 passed away of a heart attack at his home in Dallas. Since this time, Peggy, understandably took a less active role in the Alumni Association to try and cope with the loss. The Alumni Assn. has been somewhat dormant for almost 10 years. I recently met with Peggy and have accepted the role/duties as President of the YHSAA. I have visited the alumni websites of other Far East high schools, and believe that as YHS pride and tradition dictates, we can and will be the #1 Alumni Assn.and website.
Unlike other Alumni Associations that have yearly dues, the YHSAA will be offering life time memberships for about $20. You do not have to be a graduate of YHS to be a member, but you must have attended YHS.  Access to the website (now the "Official" YHSAA website) is currently free of charge to view and will remain free. I have and currently maintain and pay for the website myself, and will continue if needed.
As a YHSAA member you will receive the following:
Listing as a YHSAA Life Member;
Discount registration fee for YHSAA sponsored reunions;
Panther On-line Store Discounts; e-mail address/box;
access to members only area of website;
web Newsletters and more.
Memebrship fees will be used for:
Here are just a few;
Website expansion and monthly fees;
flowers for YHS Alumni funerals;
upfront cost of Reunions;
reunion banners;
postage/phone, stationary, etc.;
alumni search;
placing 1973-2004 yearbooks on website;
and other incidentals and cost.
William (Bill) Lee '79
President, YHSAA


The offer for YHSAA Lifetime Membership for $20.00 will expire December 31, 2007. Membership beginning January 1, 2008 will be $10.00 a year. Visit the Panther On-Line Store to join using your credit card. Let's get YHSAA "Revived" by becoming a Re-Founding Member with a Lifetime Membership.

YHSSA Members:     ( * - Lifetime Member )
William Lee '79 *
Annette (Sheldon) Wamser '78 *
Peggy Arp '80 *
Geri Mendenhall '78 *
Kathy Houston '79 *
Serena Samsel '90 *
Mikel Underwood '79 *
Cindi Thomas '78 *

Sonja Thomas '80 *

Tracey Burk-Barnard '78 *

Gordon Lee '77 *

Mark Cutler '79 *

Leonard Brown *

Derek Brown '77 *

Bill O'Connor '79 *

Barbara Houston '74 *

Sharen Killam '76*

Eric Killiam '78*

Mike Strickland '77*

Gina Leggett '78*

Joann Ung '77*

Christina Kingery '

Jim Bush '77*

Doris Snyder '76*

Thomas Straub '79*

Donna Byers '76*

Cindy Fleming ' 78*

Tammy Murdock '76 *

Russell Olds '82*

Arleen Bardo-Clapp '81*

Tim Quast '79*

Cathy Dominguez '76*

Chris Dominguez '78*

Edward Armor '78*

Le Roy Evans '75*

Derrick Elder '78*



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